What is whoscodeisthis?

Whoscodeisthis is a one-stop-shop for punchy quick information, it’s a collective of the below but that isn’t an exhaustive list, so why not subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter and try it for yourself?

  • Tutorials
  • Tips
  • “Today I learned”
  • Code snippets and jokes that will have you thinking twice

The aim for whoscodeisthis is a simple, effective, no thrills service curating information and providing it in a free, easy-to-digest format!

Who would have such a wacky idea?

@crowzfx or humanely named ‘Lui Crowie’ is the wacky creator and literally that, full of ideas that he doesn’t have enough time to execute them all! He is also the founder of CROWZFX LTD, which he says and I quote:

the start of big things, stay tuned

for more about the creator, his personal portfolio (https://luicrowie.me) and the company (https://crowzfx.co.uk) are to be seen by all!